Listen, Understand, Absorb, Collaborate - MEDIATE

Mediation in simple words can be understood as assisted negotiation.

It is a flexible and confidential process used to resolve disputes between two or more people, businesses or organisations. It is facilitated by a professionally trained neutral person called the Mediator. 

Mediation is recognised under various laws in India including the Civil Procedure Code, the Consumer Protection Act, the Commercial Courts Act  and the Companies Act, amongst others. 

Mediation is preferred worldwide for its speed, affordability and neutrality.

In general, it provides resolution within a day and in complex cases in 3 to 6 months, with a high resolution rate globally and over 80% resolution rate at CAMP. 

CAMP Mediators

With over 35,000 hours of combined experience in Mediation, covering a wide range of subjects, we have an internationally recognised team of Mediators ably supported by case managers, legal specialists, and allied professionals. 

Mediation at CAMP

At CAMP, we believe in upholding the key principles of Mediation – party autonomy, mediator neutrality, and confidentiality.


Our focus is on ease of process for the parties, supported by transparent internationally benchmarked code of conduct.



Cost Effective

One of the many reasons to choose Mediation is that there are substantial savings in costs and time over other forms of dispute redressal. Our Senior Mediator, Rukmani Menon, has done a detailed analysis of the time and costs involved in a typical medium value commercial mediation case. Your can download the pdf document here. 


The SIDRA Survey was conducted across 25 countries to assess the effectiveness of mediation as compared to other dispute resolution mechanisms. Mediation was rated most favourable with respect to speed, costs, impartiality and indirect costs by businesses and law professionals around the world.