Mediation Advocacy

The true function of a lawyer (is) to unite the parties riven asunder.  

M. K. Gandhi

The Program

This Mediation Advocacy course is designed for attorneys who would like to expand their range of professional services to include effectively representing clients in mediation. Mediation Advocacy differs from traditional litigation advocacy and the attorney of today needs to master the skills to help their clients win at mediation.

We build on your education and experience as an attorney and help you expand your skills in a new direction, one that will add value for your clients and your legal practice. This course redefines what it means to obtain a successful outcome for your client while providing the best practices on how to represent your client’s interests in the mediation room. While lawyers roles may differ from country to country, this course is designed to develop mediation advocacy skills for Indian lawyers, regardless of their specialty areas of practice.


Hybrid (Online and In-person) class with various examples, case studies, role plays, group discussion and other group activities to bridge theory with practical application.

This is a 10-hour course typically spread over 2 days.

Best Suited for..

Lawyers, In-house Councils and other legal professionals

What is taught.

1) Differences between Mediation and Adjudication
2) Developing a deeper understanding of the Mediation process
3) Role of Advocates in Mediation
4) Preparing for a Mediation & representing a client in Mediation
5) How and when to recommend Mediation to your client
6) The Do’s and Don’ts while participating in Mediation
7) How to negotiate a satisfactory Mediation settlement for your client.