Conflict To Collaboration

Expertise and Ethics

Founded in 2015, CAMP is the leading company in India for Mediation.  Our founders and senior management team are internationally known mediators and we pride ourselves on providing efficient, impartial and ethical conflict resolution solutions.  

CAMP provides complete mediation solutions including training and bespoke consulting services.  Our team includes mediators, lawyers, ADR professionals, case managers, training specialists, and IT specialists. With a panel of internationally accredited mediators with extensive practice area and deep industry practice, we provide solutions to a wide array of clients and organisations.  

What We Do

Civil & Commercial Mediation

Our expertise and experience covers a wide array of cases ranging from family matters to industrial disputes.

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Mediation Training and Skill Development

We have partnered with some of the best organisations in the world to bring you India specific training.

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Bespoke consulting

For mediation solutions that go beyond two-party disputes. We provide collaboratio solutions.

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Leadership Team


Laila Ollapally

Founder and Chairman

Gayathri B Kalia

CEO & Executive Director

Tara Ollapally


Rukmani Menon

Shantha Chellappa

Shantha Chellappa