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We would like to thank you for solving our long pending matter for the last 17 years amicably and bringing a solution to the issue. We thank you for the courtesy extended to us while we were in your office and appreciate the way the whole issue was handled.

P.R. Vishwanath Rao – Partner, Vishwanath and Associates | ARCHITECTS, ENGINEERS AND INTERIOR DESIGNERS.

Freed from the shackles of the shareholder litigation, the business recovered quickly and has grown from strength to strength. The next generation of the previously feuding families have had a chance to be a family once again. I cannot thank Laila enough for helping us get back on our feet.

Mathew Chandy – Managing Director, DUROFLEX MATTRESSES

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“ASPIRE”: The CAMP Internship Program
The goal of the ‘ASPIRE’ Internship Program is for students to get an exposure to the world of collaborative dispute resolution. ASPIRE gives interns the opportunity to learn specialized mediation skills from leading practitioners.

When I first moved to college, I was really confused-
litigation, arbitration, moot courts weren't something I
wanted to do.
I thought maybe I was misfit,
"law schools not for me!", let's face it!

the pendamic struck and things fell apart.
Lucky me I got a start!
Got to explore so I tried negotiation,
bagged prize.
I said "bye bye hesitation!"

I took to writing and attended webinars,
I stumbled upon mediation- it got me so far.
I got a call I'd never forget,
"Would you like to join the internship
program?" Oh, you bet!

I got to learn a lot-
got to experience a workplace environment so
So thankyou Sir, thankyou Ma'am,
mediation now is my jam!