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Tara Ollapally

Co-Founder & Senior Mediator

Tara is an international lawyer of 20 years who started her career  in human rights law in the United States. Since 2015 she has been  actively involved in building the mediation movement in India. She is the co-founder of CAMP Arbitration and Mediation Practice Pvt  Ltd, one of India’s leading and pioneering private mediation institutions.


Tara is licensed to practice law in New York and Bangalore, India. She is a graduate of  University Law College and received her Masters in Law from Columbia Law School. She lives  in Newton, Massachusetts with her husband and three children.

Tara has undergone numerous mediation trainings. She was a participant in the Mediating  Disputes program at Harvard Law School in 2015. She has also trained with Bangalore  Mediation Centre (court annexed mediation program of the Karnataka High Court), JAMS,  Edwards Mediation Academy and Centre for Dispute Resolution.  

To raise awareness to mediation, she regularly speaks on mediation and holds awareness  sessions for law firms, businesses, in-house legal teams. She trains lawyers and mediators as part  of the CAMP – Edwards Mediation Academy partnership. Tara has served as Coordinator for  the Mediating Disputes course at Harvard University. Tara also leads multiple collaborations  with the government, international institutions, and domestic partners to make mediation a part  of the dispute resolution landscape in India.  

Tara  has successfully mediated several construction, real estate, educational and consumer disputes.  Her style of mediation is largely facilitative – she places importance on parties making informed  decisions from a place of significant understanding.