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Mediation is a dynamic, structured, interactive process where a neutral third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques. It is a "party-centered" process that focuses primarily upon the needs, rights, and interests of the parties. Mediators use a wide variety of techniques to guide the parties into a constructive negotiation and to find optimal solutions.

Mediation is a unique dispute resolution process because it is non adversarial, customised and highly efficient from a time and cost perspective.

Our mediators have collectively mediated 5000+ cases across:

  • Private and public companies
  • Technology & IP
  • Real estate
  • Financial services
  • Family disputes
  • Intra-company /Workplace

CAMP’s settlement rate is 80% with average time lines ranging between 1-3 sessions.

Who is mediation for?

Business houses, Service Providers, SMEs, eCommerce, Proprietary businesses, Family businesses, Not For Profit sector and other organisations or individuals can solve disputes without the stress associated with an adversarial approach to dispute resolution.

Why Mediate?

  1. Control over the outcome of the dispute lies with the parties.
  2. Confidential.
  3. Cost and Time effective
  4. Customized process with customised outcomes.
  5. Relationships are protected and enhanced.
  6. Finality - mediated settlements very rarely need enforcement.
  7. Legally enforceable.
"It is an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent parties*(working within the same organization) who perceive incompatible goals, scarce/competing resources, and interference from the other party in achieving their goals"

Disputes are inevitable in a workplace environment be it between peer group employees, senior or junior level employees.

Increasingly, organizations are applying the principles of alternative dispute resolution, especially mediation, to resolve internal disputes effectively and at low cost.

Intra party conflicts require quick, customized, non-disruptive resolution that:

  • Minimizes the negative impact on all stakeholders,
  • Preserves relationships to the best extent possible (since the parties may be required to continue to work together)
  • Maintains the overall harmony within the organization

The mediation process provides an enabling environment for the successful resolution of Intra Party disputes. It is confidential, voluntary, non-judgmental, non-threatening and party centric. This ensures candid exchange of information through successive joint and private sessions with the mediator who understands the individual perspectives and works with them to generate options for resolution. Emotion is a big part of conflict and a skilled mediator handles emotions constructively. As the outcome is based on self-determination, compliance of a mediated settlement is high.

CAMP believes that professional development is the foundation upon which we aim to build a sustainable mediation movement. Our international collaborations enable cutting edge global quality training contextualized by years of experience built on pedagogy and practice.

Whatever your line of business, you will benefit from our interactive, forward looking training in dispute resolution.

The CAMP Expertise:

  • QAP accredited (Qualifying Assessment Program) by IMI (International Mediation Institution, Netherlands) for certifying mediators.
  • Experiential methodology and differentiated curricula ensures complete transfer of learning.
  • Training in collaboration with IICA (Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs under the aegis of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs) to train lawyers in Mediation and Commercial Negotiation.
  • Exclusive custom programs, in collaboration with leading organisations such as SIMC Singapore, JAMS USA,, Negotiation Academy in Europe, etc.
  • Continuing work with Courts and Judicial Academies across the country to train at the highest echelons of the legal system.

Our Signature Programs :

CAMP in collaboration with Edwards Mediation Academy (EMA) for the first time in India.

  1. 40 hour Mediation Program A combination of Online and live training from world renowned experts. This is an entry level program applicable to anyone interested in developing skills of mediation.
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  2. Advanced Mediation Program – The course is designed around a high-stakes complex commercial dispute and well suited for dispute resolution professionals who are intent on taking their skills and practice to the next level – Senior Mediators, CEOs and key decision makers, across all business verticals.
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CAMP Professional Programs

  1. Advocacy in Mediation – For practicing lawyers and other professionals who are keen on understanding how to navigate and master conflict resolution.
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  2. Harness The Power of Negotiation – For business executives across commercial domains, this program equips you with sublime deal making skills.
  3. Mediation & Negotiation – For students across disciplines to enhance career options and offer professional exposure in line with academic curricula.

Past Trainings & Upcoming Trainings

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