Our Team

Laila Ollapally

Professional Background

Ms. Laila Ollapally practiced in the High Court of Karnataka and Supreme Court of India for nearly 30 years and entered the field of Mediation in 2007. She has been a full time mediator since 2015. She is a Founding Coordinator of the Bangalore Mediation Centre. She then Founded CAMP Arbitration & Mediation Practice in 2015, a pioneering Mediation Service Provider.

Ms. Ollapally mediated over 600 complex civil and commercial disputes including, partnership, property, family business, IP, breach of contract, landlord-tenant, company, shareholder, employment, workplace, sexual harassment, money recovery, sports, maritime and matrimonial. She is nominated to ‘The International Who’s Who of Legal Commercial Mediation 2019 and as a Global leader in Mediation for 2020’.

Ms. Ollapally serves on the panel of Mediators of Singapore International Mediation Centre, American Arbitration Association- International Centre for Dispute Resolution (AAA-ICDR) and other domestic and international panels. She is a Weinstein Fellow with JAMS Foundation (USA), Certified Mediator with International Mediation Institute (IMI), Member of the Board of International Mediation Institute (IMI) and Member of the International Advisory Board of the Global Mediation Panel, UNDP. She trained in Mediation by the High Court of Karnataka, Advanced Mediation Training at Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School and Straus Institute for Dispute resolution at Pepperdine University and International Summer School on Business Mediation, Austria. She is a visiting scholar at Stanford Law School. She trains extensively on Mediation and Negotiation. She Co-Mediated cases with former Judges of the Supreme Court of India.

Ms. Ollapally is a Member of the Sub-Committee constituted by the Supreme Court of India to Prepare the National Mediation Training Manual. She Co-Authored the Bangalore Mediation Centre Training Manual. She is published widely in Newspapers, Law Journals and other Publications. She is a Member of the Committee constituted by the Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee (MCPC) of the Supreme Court of India, to make recommendations for a draft legislation for Mediation in India.


Laila Ollapally is the Founder of CAMP and serves as its Lead Mediator. She is responsible for setting mediation standards at CAMP and for developing a world class mediation practice.

When Not At CAMP

She loves to travel with her husband, her perfect travel buddy. Her family is where she belongs. Nature walks, local foods and connecting to the people wherever she goes revitalizes her energies. She draws her strength from the divine, the supreme that she believes exists everywhere and in everyone.

Tara Ollapally

Professional Background

Tara is an international lawyer of 18 years who started her career in human rights law in the United States. She also worked in Immigration and Asylum Law while in the United States. Since moving back to India in 2011 she has been working on mediation. She has trained in mediation at Harvard Law School and many other international institutions. She is a graduate of University Law College and received her Masters in Law from Columbia Law School.


Tara is Co-Founder of CAMP and leads CAMP’s growth across business lines. Her core focus is to raise awareness to the concept of mediation and build the business of mediation.

When Not At CAMP

Tara loves music and is learning to play the piano. She enjoys practicing yoga and the outdoors. She is an arm chair philosopher much to the dismay of her three beautiful children who keep her real and grounded.

Shantha Chellappa

Professional Background

Ms. Shantha Chellappa practiced law for more than 35 years at the Karnataka Bar on the civil side with focus on commercial, personal, matrimonial, and service/labour matters in Trial and Appellate Courts of Karnataka. She has been on the panel of large institutions like Insurance Companies, Housing Finance Companies, Indian Railways and Banks.

Ms. Chellappa got trained in Mediation by ISDLS U.S.A. in 2007, at the Mediation Training Program conducted by the High Court of Karnataka and has been mediating at BMC since then. She is trained in Commercial Mediation conducted by JAMS at CAMP Arbitration and Mediation Practice Pvt Ltd. She is also trained by Singapore International Mediation Centre to mediate in Cross border disputes and Appointed as Member of Specialist Mediator Panel (India) by SIMC.

Ms. Chellappa is an IMI certified mediator. She is an experienced mediator having mediated over 600 cases in civil and commercial areas such as breach of contract, partnership disputes, company matters, employment, property, real estate, money recovery, matrimonial and its connected criminal cases, compoundable criminal offences and criminal matters predominately civil in nature like cheque bouncing cases.

Ms. Chellappa's style of Mediation is facilitative. She has a deep understanding and substantive knowledge to help parties analyse their complex legal issues, engage in risk assessment, and develop creative solutions. She is known for her approachability, patience and her ability to gently lead disputing parties to resolution.

Ms. Chellappa is a Member of the Mediation Panel attached to NCLT South East division. She is a Member of WICCI National (Mediation) Council. She trains Advocates, and Judges in Mediation on behalf of the Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee (MCPC), an initiative of the Supreme Court of India, and on behalf of BMC.


Shantha Chellappa is a Director at CAMP and also serves as a Mediator on CAMP’s Panel.

When Not At CAMP

Enjoys reading, Carnatic music, travelling and watching movies with friends and family. Loves to learn new things and to watch plants growing in her little garden.

Rukmani Menon

Professional Background

Ms. Rukmani Menon began her legal profession at Khaitan and Co. New Delhi. She worked in the legal department of an FMCG Company at Bangalore for a period of 8 years. She started her independent legal practice 25 years ago and continues to handle matters pertaining to indirect tax, commercial matters including winding up petitions, money, recovery suits and others.

Ms. Menon has been a Mediator since 2015. She trained with JAMS (USA) and Bangalore Mediation Centre. She is a Mediator at the Bangalore Mediation Centre and has mediated over 450 cases in a wide range of civil and commercial matters including money recovery, real estate, contract, sports and matrimonial disputes.

Ms. Menon was recently appointed to the Global Panel of Mediators for workplace mediations by the UNDP. Ms. Menon is an independent director with Page Industries Ltd and Maini Precision Products Ltd.

Ms. Menon has worked with the CAMP mediation desk at the State Commission and the District Consumer Commissions at Bangalore since 2017. She is also trained by Singapore International Mediation Centre to mediate in Cross border disputes and Appointed as Member of Specialist Mediator Panel (India) by Singapore International Mediation Centre. She is a Member of the Mediation Panel attached to NCLT South East.


She is a Director and a Mediator at CAMP.

When Not At CAMP

She loves to travel, read both fiction and non-fiction, listen to music and cooking.

Gayathri B Kalia

Professional Background

Whatever we can believe, imagine, and invest in – can be achieved.
Gayathri B Kalia is a social changemaker who has worked to converge public policy, public administration, society and technology for improving people's lives and livelihoods. She has donned many hats as a civil servant implementing some of the world’s largest developmental program, as an advisor in multilateral agencies, as a collaborator with communities and NGOs on rural and farmer livelihoods, disability and child rights, the initiator of the world’s largest rural skill development program and as a mentor for social entrepreneurs.

In her many avatars, she has experienced the power of access to justice and the need for a tool like Mediation in the sphere of public policy, business and inter-personal relationships. She has since been certified in International Mediation and is empaneled at Singapore International Mediation Institute.


At CAMP she is an Executive Director and Mediator.

When Not At CAMP

When she is not in CAMP she continues to breathe mindfully, be grateful consciously and work towards growing people to achieve their dreams.

Asha Satyanarayana

Professional Background

Ms. Satyanarayana is a member of the Karnataka Bar and has vast experience of over 28 years as a Lawyer. Her legal practice extends before different Civil, Consumer and Family Courts at both the Trial and Appellate level. She has undergone mediation training by JAMS (USA), Bangalore Mediation Centre and Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs.

Ms. Satyanarayana has been a mediator at the Bangalore Mediation Centre since 2015. She has mediated over 400 cases and her expertise is in a wide range of civil and commercial disputes including money recovery, property, consumer, real estate, contract and matrimonial disputes.

Ms. Satyanarayana is a Member of the Mediation Panel attached to NCLT South-East division. She has headed the CAMP mediation desk at the Karnataka State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commissions at Bangalore since 2017.


Mediator at CAMP.

When Not At CAMP

She loves listening to music, cooking, travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Jonathan Rodrigues

Professional Background

Jonathan Rodrigues is a civil and commercial mediator, trained and accredited to practice by the Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation (IIAM) and the Indian Institute of Corporate of Affairs (IICA). Jonathan holds bachelors’ degrees in Law (LLB) and Psychology (BA) from Goa University. He pursued his LL.M. studies in Mediation and Conflict Resolution at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, where he served as a Mediator at the Strathclyde Mediation Clinic. Jonathan founded and managed The PACT, an organization dedicated to mediation awareness and education.


Jonathan is a Mediator and Consultant for Knowledge and Skills Development vertical at CAMP.

When Not At CAMP

Far away from his tropical hideout in Goa, Jonathan is currently based in London with TCM Group, where he heads the Institute of Organizational Dynamics.

Mohit Mokal

Professional Background

Mohit Mokal is a Mediation Associate, Business Development Manager and Lead Case Manager at CAMP. Before working with us he worked for Senior Advocate and Mediator Mr. Sriram Panchu where he assisted in cases such as the Ayodhya Babri Masjid Mediation for the Supreme Court of India and the Luthra and Saraf Partnership Dispute Mediation before the Delhi High Court amongst others. He has also assisted the Bar Council of India in drafting the course manual for teaching Mediation at all law schools as a mandatory subject.

Mohit is qualified and trained as an advocate and mediator recognised by ADR ODR UK, SIMC and CMC since 2019. He also holds a Master's Degree in International Dispute Resolution from Queen Mary, University of London.

He has also published his dissertation on Enabling Mediation and ODR in India on SSRN and is a contributor in the books Mediation Practice and Law, third edition published by Lexis Nexis authored by Mr. Sriram Panchu, and Mediation Policy and Practice, first edition published by OakBridge authored by Ms. Chitra Narayan.


Mohit is a Mediation Associate, Business Development Manager and Lead Case Manager. His roles include providing end to end service to clients, leading the case management for all senior mediators at CAMP, creating and implementing internal and external policies, and promoting the growth of Mediation as a business development manager.

When Not At CAMP

He likes to interact with students and provide them with guidance and training for competitions related to Mediation. He is an avid traveller and likes photography, star gazing, camping and surfing.

Surya Sanjay

Professional Background

Surya Sanjay is a young advocate from University Law College, Bangalore University. Her route to Mediation was a surprising and diverse one. She began her journey working at an NGO focused on the improvement of education in rural government schools. She proceeded to enter the corporate sector with the intention of a deeper understanding of the world around her. Through digital marketing and sales Surya was able to delve deep into the psyche of the human mind. This led to her taking action as a practicing lawyer in civil and criminal cases. Aiming to take a direct hand in bringing equity to individuals, Mediation became a passion for her. The ideology of neutrality, self determination and quick resolution grew within her an admiration for the process.

Surya is currently undergoing training in Mediation at the Asian School of Cyber Laws. She is dedicated to Mediation advocacy in India.


As a Mediation Associate, Surya handles case management, research and works closely in building client relations with the firm's collaborators.

When Not At CAMP

Surya enjoys spending time with her family, dogs and cats. She loves singing, dancing, traveling and swimming in her free time. Her love for travel comes from immersing herself in different cultures.

Anubhab Banerjee

Professional Background

Anubhab is a law graduate from Alliance University, Bangalore. He is a practicing advocate. Anubhab has been accredited as a Mediation Advocate by Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA), London.

Anubhab has been a member of The PACT, an organisation dedicated to mediation awareness and education. While at PACT, he was the founding member and director for India’s first and largest online negotiation competition which goes by the name of Online Dispute Resolution Competition (ODRC). He has previously been associated with a Law Firm in New Delhi, practising Civil Litigation and Commercial Arbitration.


Anubhab is a Mediation Associate at CAMP and leads business development associated with CAMP Arbitration and Mediation Practice.

When Not At CAMP

Anubhab is a people person with a passion for food. Prior to joining CAMP, he set up a café in his hometown, and spends his free time running the café and meeting people from various walks of life. He is also an avid traveler and is always up for a good game of football.

Juieen Nag

Professional Background

Juieen Nag has extensive experience of more than 15 years both in private practice and as an inhouse counsel. Juieen has handled several strategic management decisions and advised on result oriented effective resolution on many issues. In 2020, Juieen decided to embark on her journey as a conflict resolution professional being enamoured by the tremendous value mediation can bring in resolving disputes.

Juieen believes that the effective use of mediation as a conflict resolution tool can not only ease the over-burdened judicial system in India but provide creative and innovative solutions to conflicts and for businesses and ensure access to justice in more than one way.

In her past life, Juieen has worked in leading law firms of India, Amarchand Mangaldas (now CAM) and Trilegal and was the inhouse legal counsel at RBS, BNPP and SocGen. Juieen was the Head of Legal for SocGen in India before she decided to start her practice in mediation in 2020.

Juieen finished her mediation advocacy training from Edwards Mediation Academy in 2020. Juieen read law at The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) Kolkata from where she graduated in 2005. She highly appreciates her learnings from a course on Interpersonal Effectiveness and Team Building which she attended in IIM Ahmedabad.


Juieen is the Chief Evangelist & Mediator at CAMP. Juieen is passionate about the mediation movement in India and looks forward to spreading the good word on mediation and the good work at CAMP.

When Not At CAMP

Juieen loves travelling and teaching her son. The high point of her travels are the different cuisines which she gets to taste and learn during these travels. She tries to imbibe a bit of all of that in her Bengali cooking.

Sunita Kumar

Professional Background

Sunita completed her civil engineering degree from Duke University in the U.S. and holds a masters degree in environmental engineering from the University of Tennessee. She is an active mediator since 2019 following an international career working with both government and private sector. Her combined business development portfolio totals billions of USD and includes leadership in India as Country Head, Renewables, and Director, Nuclear Affairs, in New Delhi and Mumbai. Throughout her career, she has often taken on the role of mediator to ensure interests of all parties were understood and considered. Today, she approaches her mediation practice with the same degree of intensity and depth, whether large or small.

Sunita received 40 hours training in civil mediation and 40 hours in family mediation from the South Carolina Bar Association (May and November 2019). She earlier completed a 25-hour program on mediation and conflict resolution with the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (Jan – April 2019). She is in the process of completing her IMI Intercultural Certification and has over 150 hours of experience as a mediator.


She is Consultant for CAMP based out of the U.S.

When Not At CAMP

She loves India and America, and her connections to life, family, and community in both countries. She is an avid nature lover and seeks places of natural beauty in the U.S. and India, or wherever her travels take her.

Our mediators have collectively mediated a few thousand cases across numerous commercial domains. Our settlement rate is more than 80% with average time lines ranging between 1-3 sessions. Our expertise in dispute resolution also encompasses arbitration and early neutral evaluation towards facilitation of a ‘dispute wise’ landscape.

Asha Satyanarayan

  • Experience of over 28 years as a Lawyer
  • Trained Mediator in the Bangalore Mediation Centre
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Justice Keshavnarayan

  • Retired Judge of the Karnataka High Court
  • He is a trained Mediator
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Justice Kurian Joseph

  • Retired Judge of the Supreme Court of India
  • Also on the panel of Mediators at Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC)
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Justice Siri Jagan

  • Retd. Judge, Kerala High Court
  • Former President, Board of Governors, Kerala State Mediation & Conciliation Centre
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Laila Ollapally

  • Advocate (Karnataka High Court) & Founder- CAMP
  • Founding Coordinator of the Bangalore Mediation Centre
  • Weinstein Fellow at JAMS Foundation
  • Nominated to ‘The International Who’s Who Legal’ of Commercial Mediation
  • Panel member of Singapore International Mediation Centre, Kyoto International Mediation Centre & ADR Centre, Italy.
  • Mediated 400+ cases including complex commercial disputes referred by Supreme Court and State High Courts.
  • Mediator since 2007
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M.R Prasanna

  • Retd. General Counsel of Aditya Birla Group.
  • Facilitated innumerable commercial settlements as In-House Counsel for companies such as L&T and Brooke Bond India
  • Panel of arbitrators of SIAC.
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Rukmani Menon

  • Experienced Lawyer for over 30 years with a special focus on Tax.
  • Mediator since 2015.
  • Mediated 250+ cases
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Shantha Chellappa

  • Experienced lawyer for more than 35 years with focus on civil, matrimonial, labour, and commercial matters.
  • Mediator since 2007.
  • Mediated 500+ cases
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Shiv Kumar

  • Experienced lawyer for over 40 years with a focus on civil and commercial laws.
  • Coordinator of Bangalore Mediation Centre.
  • Mediator since 2008
  • Mediated 500+ cases.
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S K Raman

  • Qualified C A with 40 years of experience.
  • Was Chief Operating Officer (COO), Kemwell Biopharma Pvt Ltd.
  • Currently Independent Director on the board of Nitin Lifesciences Private Ltd, a unit of Recipharm (Sweden).
  • Founder trustee of helpline charitable trust (serving 60 under-privileged children).
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Sriram Panchu

  • Senior Advocate
  • Panel member of the Singapore International Mediation Centre.
  • Nominated to ‘The International Who’s Who Legal’ of Commercial Mediation
  • Mediated large number of complex and high value commercial disputes.
  • Appointed by Supreme Court to mediate highly complex, sensitive disputes including the recent Ayodhya dispute.
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Sudhanshu Batra

  • Senior Advocate, Mediator and Trainer with over 30 years of practice.
  • Designated Senior Council in 2010.
  • Mediator with ‘Samadhan’, Delhi High Court Mediation and Conciliation Centre since 2006.
  • Empaneled with Singapore International Mediation Centre.
  • Founder/Vice president of Maadhyam, a society for conflict resolution.
  • Arbitrator at Delhi International Arbitration Centre.
  • Mediated a large number of complex and high valued commercial, corporate and contractual disputes besides family and matrimonial disputes.
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Raj R Panchmatia

Ekta Bahl

Commodore MR Ajaykumar

Poornima Hatti

Mehernosh Shapoorjee

Siddharth Raja

A.J. Jawad

Ritvik Lukose

Samuel Mani

Gokul Narayan

G. Madhusudhana

Vijayalakshmi S

Prashant Popat

Rhea Mathew

Asha Satyanarayana

P M Thimmaiah