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Gayathri B Kalia

CEO & Executive Director
Senior Mediator @ CAMP

Gayathri B Kalia is a social change maker who has worked to  converge public policy, public administration, society and technology for  improving people’s lives and livelihoods. 


She has donned many hats as a civil servant implementing some of  

the world’s largest developmental program, as an advisor in multilateral agencies, as a  collaborator with communities and NGOs on rural and farmer livelihoods, disability and child  rights, the initiator of the world’s largest rural skill development program and as a mentor for  social entrepreneurs. In her varied work, she has facilitated many national, international, and  multi-lateral negotiations across the spectrum of workplace grievances, gender discrimination  complaints, social discrimination complaints, inter-personal disputes, software licensing, IP,  project delivery contracts, and complex commercial contracts in infrastructure as well as  development sector. 


In her many avatars, she has experienced the power of access to justice and the need for a  tool like Mediation in the sphere of public policy, business and inter-personal relationships. She has since been certified in International Mediation, by ADR ODR, UK; Edwards Mediation  Academy, USA and is empaneled at the Singapore International Mediation Institute.  


Ms. Kalia’s  areas of experience include: 

  1. Certified Coach for Interpersonal and relational enhancement 
  2. Founder Conflicts in Start-Ups 
  3. Insolvency related issues 
  4. Family Business Disputes 
  5. Breach of Contract, Turnkey projects, multi-party contracts and PPP projects 6. Gender related disputes and complaints 
  6. Workplace discrimination 
  7. Family disputes