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Benefits of Private Mediation

Unique Benefits of Private Mediation in CAMP
Features Private Mediation in CAMP

Choice of mediator

Parties can play an active role in selecting a neutral third party mediator from a panel of well trained and eminent legal professionals who are knowledgeable about the subject matter in dispute. By virtue of their experience, private mediators understand the dynamics of complex disputes and the unique settlement possibilities that exist. Appointment of a private mediator involves a case-specific consideration of the mediator's attributes and skill rather than a random or arbitrary appointment as the mediator.

Convening (the preparation for mediation, prior to the commencement of the process)

During scheduling and preparation, a private mediator develops information about the dispute and takes active steps to ensure that the case is well-positioned for the mediation process. Private mediators give each case the individual attention it deserves.


Mediation is confidential and does not create any public document. Parties can protect their reputation and privacy. Concurrently, private mediation creates a safe space for parties to strategically disclose and protect personal, proprietary, and commercially sensitive information. CAMP being an institution that provides private mediation services, has specific rules to ensure that all communications and documents produced pursuant to a mediation is confidential and not discoverable outside of mediation. Mediator, Parties and the lawyers sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the mediation.

Flexibility in Scheduling and Process Design

Parties may schedule a half day, a whole day, or several days as they deem appropriate and thus control time lines. In time-sensitive cases, parties can avail of mediation services with short notice. In each case, the mediator will help the parties design a mediation process that maximizes the possibilities for success.


Private mediation is stream-lined because formal rules of evidence and procedures do not slow down the process. Interim proceedings can be minimized with party consent. Holistic resolution is the goal.


Compared to lengthy litigation and court proceedings, private mediation is a fraction of the cost.

Pre-litigation mediation

Parties can choose private mediation at a pre-litigation stage.

Effective with All Types of Disputes

The mediation process is successful with all types of civil disputes, regardless of the subject matter or the quantum of money involved in the dispute. Private mediators have the experience to handle disputes independent of the subject matter, complexity, or quantum of money. It works equally well in commercial disputes, matrimonial disputes and property disputes.

Preserves Relationships

Private mediation is designed to preserve and promote constructive dealings and productive relationships between the parties. Private mediators can manage high conflict interactions by using special skills and techniques.

Post-Mediation Follow-Up

Holistic resolution is the goal. Private mediators work closely with the parties after a mediation session is over to resolve any pending issues.